Storytelling is art and art shouldn’t kill – The legitimization of murderer

What began with a narrative arose to ideology. Today armies fight for land, while people fight for freedom

We created our reality through narratives.

Over the decades we created ideologies to manage life and it’s natural chaos.

We feel belongingness when we share a common narrative with the people around us. but instead of just telling the story around the campfire, stories that allow us to reflect our own habits and thoughts we turned it into the Golden Calf and created rules to serve the narrative. And the narrative became stronger. And we used it to oppress everyone who doesn’t relate.


We built armies around the narrative and fight for land to establish states that will serve the narrative.

It’s easier to explain the world within the limited space of a story. Easier than seeing the whole picture. So we let it become ideology. Our Legitimization to everything we do. It legitimates to kill, arrest, displace every person that doesn’t fit in.


But live is much more complex than every story that arose from a human mind.

Storytelling is art and art shouldn’t  kill.

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