„Touching I“ (Performance Art)

What is „Touching I“?

„Touching I“ took its origin in the idea, of bringing people together from all over the world, to share one big experience.

After 4 years of studying acting and the performing arts in Hamburg, searching for the essence of „Touching“, I’m leaving Germany now to find out what does „Touching“ mean to humans and cultures all over the planet.

When I was inventing the performance I was thinking about what kind of art we need today. We’re living in times of media, globalization and communication. The world is getting closer every day. Life becomes faster and faster and a lot of contact is taking place on the internet and via mobile phones. But are we in danger to lose our sense as a human being to get in touch with our environment, in terms of real contact? Not only with other humans but with life that we are surrounded by every second.
I can imagine that especially the big economy Countries are losing their roots by living more in their smartphones than with their families.

To notice those developments brought me to the idea of „Touching I“.

The main purpose of this performance, which took first place in London in August 2017, is to let people explore what means „Touching“ in their very own and unique perspective.
Back to the roots there is a way of communication and understanding between different cultures without words and without prejudice, just because of the fact that we are one species.
My experiment wants to invite as many different cultures as possible to explore the broad field of what „Touching“ could be…

STAGE II – Israel & Palestine 2018

STAGE I  – London 2017