2017 – 2019


In 2017 my Performance Project „Touching 1“ brought me to the Middle east, where I developed a high interest in Arab-culture and art. I started to work in educational projects with Ashtar Theatre in Ramallah and Yes Theatre Hebron (Palestine). 

From 2017 till 2019 I spend time traveling back and forth between Germany and the Middle East, learning, listening and experiencing how life is in this part of the world that is so often misinterpreted or misunderstood by western People, I’m working through the connection of art to get people and their various ideologies closer together for the purpose of sharing, understanding, love and peace.  


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„Anonymous“ by Naomi Iizuka /Director: Émile Saba

An Ashtar Theatre Production with young Palestinian Theatre Students

Anonymous is a play about Refugees based on Homers „Odyssey“ asking the question „Who am I“. Its the journey of young „Anon“ searching for his origin after he became an orphan in a tragedy on the sea, when he was a baby, during his escape from war.