Poetry in Coordinates

A selection of my English Poems from my book „Poetry in coordinates 1“ (German & English)


53.65° N, 10.10°E

Tell me boy, 
Are you ready to explore the ocean for the rest of your life? 
- Ok, let's dive!

In the mountains
In the sea,
In the misty street at night
and beyond our universe
are our fairytales to write

We are dreamers
we love to live in movies
or in a French novel from 1861
We are part of a story
We can fall in love with angels
And turn ourselves into a fairy
We are irrational romantics
We know that we can fly
when we close our eyes
There are no walls in our lives 
just songs that tell about it
We jump head over heals into uncharted waters
just because its sparkling in the sun is so beautiful
To all dreamers: Keep on dreaming

31°42`16 N; 35°12 ́23 E

How my heart is longing for this city where the night lies on my skin
like a precious blanked tied with thyme, cinnamon, saffron and mint 

I wanna wrap myself in the abaya
to hide from all the sneaking looks 
because none of the are from your sandy desert eyes
I become one with the floor I lie on to fall apart 
Longing for this city where the sky is so close
Where it has been so close for you and me
In secret yet but only our skin already knew
Where the night was our ally
with no clouds to sing from us 
But I'll write the symphony
of our short enchanting story 
and I make an artwork from your eyes
and your touch will be my dance 
And my tears will be the ocean 
where my soul finds rest in hopes 
that one day it may find back to your shore 

Into the red-wine I pour your sweet words 
That are remnants of a fleeting time 
when the sweetness of your words 
flow down my throat 
Like the red-wine I drink on the plane 
that is taking me away from you 


My dream of endless nights in the desert
Eternity of countless odors of a foreign land 
Herbs, essence, colors all lightened in gold
And the taste of your salty skin like a precious spice
rarely to get
Arabian Nights under the Arabian sky
Make a princess of me and you be my prince 
With these eyes thirsty for mine
On silk we would lay down
As the sky embraces our bodies
And your kisses are secret little sins
sweet and fleeting
Please don't wake me up 
Let me stay just till the end of all dreams

While your touch is on my skin 
so vulnerable, so pure
my cells draw it onto my veins
an artwork never to forget,
a gallery of moments 
that used to be so true
forever kept 
for when I have to let you go

The sky is so close
As you lift my shirt a bit 
to give me the touch of the stars 
I'm drowning in the black 
of a flawless universe 
here, where passion is the secret 
between two
Sheltered by curtains of silk 
And wrapped in 
yet unknown love 

Distance and Time

Distance and time, creating each other
For human minds like sister and brother
The earth assists and gives live to reflect
If there is a difference between life and death 
Time is infinite and just a short blink
And the horizon is closer and further than we think 
If love is the constant between distance and time 
Then distance becomes an illusion of mind
And time disappears in the space of aeon
In a universe where everything sometime becomes one 
And in the end the only thing that stays
Is love in an wide and endless space.

For Odeds and Morias Baby(Tel Aviv May `18)

Little life, descending gently
Innocent, enlightened, friendly
Yet eyes closed
Sleeping in the bosom of mother earth 
nothing to earn and nothing to deserve 
Will soon begin to rise
And learn to fall
A human being after all
Will chase its dreams and start to fly 
Will sometimes fail and ask you why 
Will make a step and will look back 
Will find a path and loose a track 
Sometimes happy sometimes sad 
But always loved by mum and dad

A Coruña
43° 21′ 44“ N 8° 24′ 41“ W.

The perfect day ends late, a little wet and a little salty, 
with a kiss from the ocean and butterflies in ones tummy
because of a strangers eyes


We will say
We did feel
Yes! We where here
On a planet that was called earth

We will say
We loved, we breathed, we lived
We felt the pain of a broken heart
On a planet that was called earth

Hell, yes!
We swam in the oceans
We danced in the sun
We made love under the stars

We will say
Yes, we where blind sometimes
We broke hearts too
and we took it all

And we will say
Some of us fought
Some of us tried
And so many just remained silent

We will say
Yes we where aware
But we didn't change
On this planet that was called earth


Ben Nevis, Schottland
56.79° N, 5.0036° W

Beyond Senses

You smell like lonely summer nightsIn an undiscovered paradise
My eyes couldn’t believe
This perfect smile, indescribable, unique
I heard your voice like thousand voices
Talking about luck, dreams and choices
I felt your stunning body allover my skin
Like a lake in the mountains, where I can dive in 
And your taste was like a foreign melody
Grew up by time and rose to a whole symphony

And beyond my senses I can see
There is more than I perceive that you can be
I feel the land your heart is beating in
I see history, lives, and places I have never been 
I hear your father dying
A boy became a man hiding from crying 
Someone in this world alone
Keeping secrets yet unknown
Than whatever you might be for me
In this world you might be a galaxy


You left me with one Broken wing
But time will heal And I will sing



Another Loveletter

Beloved Scotland Guardian of all fairytales 
Protector of forgotten times 
With all your beauty and your calm dignity 
You freed me from my past 
And make your past become my future 
You let me walk Along your endless highlands 
Exploring all your stories 
Whispered by bens Munros, lakes and glens 
Overwhelmed by vastness I faced my destiny 
Beloved Scotland Guardian of all fairytales 
Protector of forgotten times 
I leave you in a deep reflection 
About your wonders in perfection 
I’m more than grateful for all you’ve done for me 
My heart's with you in all eternity

48.20° N,16.37° E

To the universe

You talk all lot to me
You are like my best friend
I’m not alone, never
You are with me wherever I go 
You are the creator of all strands 
The master of relationships
And encounters all over the world 
And you’re a great buddy
With lots of humor, jokes
And impossible scopes for me
To riddle with.


Looking into another pair of wide and endless eyes is like being reborn in another universe



Finding ones soulmate in the world ist getting hard these days when everybody’s eyes are busy with faked photos on tinder