Rocking Egos and Archetypes - Back to Bethlehem

„Politics is still developing the skill to walk while science is running to safe our lives.“

Back to the middle east, back to Palestine, beloved Bethlehem. I find myself like I’ve never been away. With different stories to remember and return to but just like it has been a blink of an eye since I left this beautiful apartment in the old town of Beit Sahour. Where did my last 8 months disappear to?  Everything I have seen feels like it has only been a postcard picture. South-East Asia, 3 different oceans, 3 continents, dozens of countries vanished from my skin like a wave that only left a thin salty film. What was this freedom that I had expected to find on board a ship. 

 „Everything can just exist in the presence of its opposite.“  This is a quote by Herman Melville who wrote the famous Novelle „Moby Dick“ in 1851 and maybe one of the reasons why so many people especially from western countries find their way to Palestine.

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Hebron - The City of Angels (Part2)

Hebron called me back and I was wise enough to listen


Hebron - The City of Angels (Part 2)

It’s very likely that you will meet at least one of Hebron's Angels when spending time there. Because the density of Angels in Herbon is especially high. Maybe because the circumstances require it. Read more

Hebron - The City of Angels (Part 1)

„Dont let Ideology kill Beauty“ 

Hebron - The City of Angels (Part 1)

Every script starts with one word. 

And the word would speak: „Father of a hundred peoples you shall be.“ But your wife would not give you a son. So you would take her maid to bring the word to live. But blessed you are and you would have to boys. And two mothers, too strong to share one tribe. Soon you send away the maid and her son and designate the second born as heir. Descendants of the first born would spread, meeting the sons of your second born. But they wouldn’t recognize each other anymore. Distinguished by how they would speak, how they would look and how they would behave.  

Today I see your both boys cry over their mutual fathers grave. Split apart by concrete walls and stories about blood. Read more

Ascending from the cage of our stories - Ashtar Theatre International Youth Festival, Ramallah (Palestine) 

„We often tell our stories a hundred times. We love to drown in our own drama and the compassion that we receive from listeners but we will never leave the cage. We have set it up comfortably.“


Ascending from the cage of our stories - Ashtar Theatre International Youth Festival, Ramallah (Palestine)

This years (2018) Ashtar Theatre International Youth Festival took place under the motto: Ascension.

In preparation to my workshop, still captured in the drama of my personal loss, I found it hard to ascent anywhere from the kitchen floor in my apartment in Hamburg, where I fell apart after remembering how He stood in this kitchen just a few months ago looking at me likeRead more

Getting a Chance where Chances are rare - The "Freedom" of being an artist

„Life sometimes seems to be like a crazy paper chase. We just need to be adventurous enough to follow the hints“

Getting a Chance where Chances are rare - The "Freedom" of being an artist

Some people attach being an artist to the idea of being free, making your own decisions, traveling with the wind and singing with the birds. In reality alongside this dreamy visions, it often means - especially in western societies - to be in the wheel of a rigorously unglamorous mechanical business. Read more

New Eyes - A loveletter to Bethlehem


„I’m busy with finding my eyes again. I’m still looking through yours“ 

New Eyes - A love letter to Bethlehem

„Sabah al Kheir! Kyf halak?“ - My arabic isn't that good yet, but the vendor at Dawoods Falafel Place at Manger Square smiles friendly at me and hand me over my favorite Breakfast - which I do well deserve after the 20 min walk from Beit Sahour along the steepest road I’ve ever walked, up to Bethlehem. 

Happily eating my Sandwich I’m observing the slowly awaking town: people opening their shops, gathering to have coffee or… „Taxi??“ Read more

A journey dedicated to all entities that desire a life in freedom.

"In the beginning there was just him and me and the universe and Bethlehem, a magical little town somewhere in the land of dust and narratives.  

And there were his eyes. Eyes like a prison. The prison of a boy caged in his grown up body. The prison of a soul, surrounded by the wall of his own mind. 

And there was my heart, listening to the silent cry." 


Welcome to my blog: The Ideology of Freedom.

I started the journey I want to tell you about in July 2018. Receiving a contract for a Theatre Company on a Cruise Ship let me finally jump of Germanys shore and land - directly in Bethlehem, Palestine.  

Of course! Doesn’t it make sense to start a journey where Jesus was born? Read more