Rocking Egos and Archetypes - Back to Bethlehem

„Politics is still developing the skill to walk while science is running to safe our lives.“

Back to the middle east, back to Palestine, beloved Bethlehem. I find myself like I’ve never been away. With different stories to remember and return to but just like it has been a blink of an eye since I left this beautiful apartment in the old town of Beit Sahour. Where did my last 8 months disappear to?  Everything I have seen feels like it has only been a postcard picture. South-East Asia, 3 different oceans, 3 continents, dozens of countries vanished from my skin like a wave that only left a thin salty film. What was this freedom that I had expected to find on board a ship. 

 „Everything can just exist in the presence of its opposite.“  This is a quote by Herman Melville who wrote the famous Novelle „Moby Dick“ in 1851 and maybe one of the reasons why so many people especially from western countries find their way to Palestine.

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